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Welcome to the world of digital tools for brand valuation.
Calculate the value of your trademarks with DANISTER's digital tools. Independently perform an initial indicative brand value check using the internationally recognized license price analogy according to IDW S5 and DIN/ISO 10668. With your one-time registration you get unlimited access to the Brand value calculator DANISTERSPEED and you can independently determine brand values without any limits.

These tools have been developed by international experts in brand valuation for anyone who has an interest in the monetary value of brand for various reasons.

Objective: Obtaining an initial indicative brand value.

Selected Reasons for Brand Valuation

The reasons for brand valuation are diverse. Often, an initial indication of the potential brand value is needed in advance. For this purpose, DANISTER's tools are suitable.

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Financial focus:
  • Purchase, sale, mergers
  • External communication
  • Investor Talks
  • Accounting
  • Licensing
  • Trademark Infringements
  • Credit Security
  • Investment Decisions
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Behavioral/ Marketing focus:
  • Strategic Planning and Control
  • Internal Communication
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Budget Allocation
  • Resource Allocation
  • Product Development
  • Efficiency and Effectiveness Control
  • Brand Portfolio Optimization

5 steps to brand value

Discover your brand's monetary value online in just five simple steps with DANISTER
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Step 1 ▸ Set up revenue planning

Enter the latest revenue generated by the brand. Based on this, you can now specify the planned annual revenue growth in percentage for the detailed planning phase. Typically, a detailed planning phase of 3-5 years is set. Key question: How much will brand revenues grow in the coming years (planning)?

Step 2 ▸ Determine the tax rate

Calculating brand value using capital value-oriented methods must be done on an after-tax basis according to IDW and DIN ISO 10668. The relevant tax system is the one in which these financial surpluses are taxed. You can either rely on databases (e.g., OECD) to obtain the tax rate or use your company's "own" corporate tax rate as an indication.

Step 3 ▸ Approximate the hypothetical royalty rate

The purpose of the relief-from-royalty method is to isolate the brand.

Central question: How much would a company have to spend for a brand if it were not already in possession of it? Consequently, what would be an appropriate or fictitious royalty rate for the brand that one would be willing to pay? Simplified, it can be compared to a notional brand rent. Comparable and real license agreements can be sourced from databases, or a suitable royalty rate can be determined based on brand strength (Our experts are happy to assist you with this). At this point, the company can consider what percentage-based royalty it would be willing to pay for the right to use the brand if it were not already in possession of it. Typical royalty rates range from 1-5%, depending on the industry.

Step 4 ▸ Determine the brand-specific capitalization rate

In the income-based approach, future cash flows are discounted using a risk-adjusted interest rate. In practice, the weighted average cost of capital (WACC) of the company is commonly used as a starting point. As an approximation, the company's WACC can be applied for brand valuation. Typically, a risk premium of 1-3% is added to the WACC for brand valuation. If this information is not readily available, there are various databases that can be used to derive an indicative WACC.

Step 5 ▸ Determine the brand's useful life

Key question: How long will the brand generate these hypothetical license revenues (brand cash flows)? 5 years, 15 years, 25 years, or is this period indefinite, respectively the brand is so strong that an end is not foreseeable (=Terminal Value; TV)? In practice, a factor analysis is conducted to determine the duration of use.

With the first digital tool, DANISTERSPEED you will be guided through the brand valuation process in 5 steps. Gradually, the relevant parameters of the relief-from-royalty method will be queried and input into the model.

Brand value calculator DANISTERSPEED

The Brand Value Calculator DANISTERSPEED provides an indicative brand value based on a capital-based valuation method according to IDW S5 and DIN/ISO 10668. The calculation method used is the Relief-from-Royalty approach.

Tool Features and Registration

Calculating brand value made easy: By registering on the DANISTER platform, you not only benefit from the simple and certified method of calculating brand value online, but you also gain access to additional brand value tools that support you with complementary features in accurate calculation and planning.

Benefits of Registration:

  • Unrestricted access to the Brand Value Calculator DANISTERSPEED
  • Access to additional tools and future expansions, such as an automated brand value report
  • Advanced features, such as conducting and saving parallel evaluations, country segmentation, brand strength scoring, and much more
  • Regular updates on new developments

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About us

DANISTER DEVELOPMENT - is an established innovative software company run by brand experts, which develops tools for visualizing, monitoring, calculating and optimizing brand values for brand companies as well as brand consultants.

Our offices in Linz and Innsbruck, Austria, founded and managed by interdisciplinary specialists, economists, natural scientists, software developers for the valuation and exploitation of intangible assets, for brand design and brand strategy, IP management and crisis management, complemented by more than 50 years of experience in industry, banking and finance, software and product development, technology development and consulting.


DANISTER is a simple tool for the complex question: "How much is my brand worth?". With just a few parameters, Danister offers a pragmatic approach to brand value and, in any case, a concentrated, professional approach to the topic. Absolutely recommendable.

Markus Weishaupt, Family Business Expert, Weissman & Cie.



Austria can certainly be called a stronghold of family businesses. This form of business is based on intangible values, laws and histories. Mostly lived implicitly, there is a true treasure of added value that actually only needs to be lifted. Exactly this circumstance the Danister Group takes care of and transfers immaterial into valuable and visible ideas. Especially in these fast-moving times, such parameters as the brand contains are all the more important. I will recommend this company to my students as well as to my network partners.

Prof. (FH) Dr. Mag. Stefan Märk, Scientific Director, SME Management & Entrepreneurship, Senior Lecturer, Business Administration, Salzburg University of Applied Sciences, Austria